Thursday, 10 May 2018

What's your opinon


Robots Taking Over Jobs

If robots took over all the jobs in the world families would have no money to pay for food, water, electricity, clothes, homes and others. If all the jobs in world were filled with robots, kids might not be able to go to school and adults wouldn’t be able to earn money. Robots can be dangerous too. People could be injured or worse and this is why humans should have jobs not robots.
Dolphins Taken From their Natural Habitat

Many Dolphins are held captive in aquariums and they are not too pleased about it.  People don't even care about the lives of dolphins, they just care about money. There should be some people in the world that actually care about dolphins. A dolphin lives until around 40 years old but some don’t live that long because of their conditions.  Dolphins are very special animals, there is nothing like them. Scientist say that they are very new to the deep blue ocean . They are wicked enemies with sharks. Dolphins protect the people of the land. So that is why we should respect dolphins and keep them in their natural habitat.
Croc Free Places

I agree with Tom. We just took away the crocodile’s homes and we’re not giving them any love. We’re just putting them in zoo’s for people to WATCH them! In my opinion, croc’s should roam free in the wild. Imagine if you were a croc, what would you do?....That’s right, nothing! Because there isn’t anything you can do. But it’s up to us to decide.
Kids and Mobile Phones

I agree that kids shouldn’t have mobile phones. Mobile phones might be very useful but they are very expensive.  You could use them in an emergency or if someone's hurt but you can get really bad brain wave headaches as well. Headaches can last for 5-15 minutes.  If you have a mobile phone you wouldn’t spend much time with your family. You would miss out on family activities because your texting friends. Overall I think kids shouldn’t have mobile phones because they might break them and they would always want the latest phone with the latest features.

Robots Taking Over

I disagree, robots should not take over! I think it's a good idea to give robots some jobs but not too many. It will not be good if robots take over because if that happens humans will not like to work anymore and they will become very lazy. Robots are man made and they can’t correct mistakes and might end up making an error and parents can get fined for them. Unlike humans, they can correct mistakes they make. Robots are dangerous and there are chances of robots exploding but humans won’t explode. Overall I think robots shouldn’t take over, it's not a good idea at all. You can build them if you like but do not let them take over.

Kids and Mobile Phones

I agree that kids should have mobile phones because if they’re in an emergency or in danger they can communicate with one another.  Children should have a mobile phone because they can help keep kids safe even though they cost a lot of money.
Kids and Mobile Phones
I disagree because kids can have accidents when they get hit by a car, get cyberbullied and also they can get headaches from playing games or watching videos for too long. Kids would spend a lot of time on their mobile phones and don’t realise the problem of their battery running out.
Mobile phones can get hacked by strangers in any app they’re on at any time. For example, when they are playing games or watching videos.
Overall I think that kids shouldn’t have mobile phones.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Movie Review

Avengers Infinity War movie review
                                                   By:Andrew and Seung.
The Avengers newest movie hits cinemas now - Avengers Infinity War. This latest sequel has the most evil and horrid villain yet in the form of Thanos. Nearly all your favourite  MARVEL superheroes are in this action packed movie filled with more adventures and suspence than ever before.

Avengers Infinity War still has the original movie stars. Robert Downey as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.  These are only some of the characters in this years blockbuster.

This movie is about are 6 infinity stones. The time stone,  power stone, soul stone, space stone, Reality stone, mine stone. The  stones contain powers no one has ever seen. Evil villain named Thanos played by Josh Brolin  wants all 6 infinity stones. The avengers try to protect the infinity stones but fail to do so.
I like this movie because it’s emotional and funny at the same time with a lot of action throughout. However, this movie is a bit scary at times and is rated for 13 years and over.
We give this movie 3 1/2 stars. If it was less scary we would give it a 5 star ratingImage result for star 3/5

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Mathematical Me

Sports Manger

Sports Manger

Why we need you !
We need you because:

  • Teachers don’t need to spend  time doing trials and organise teams  for zones.

  • He or She can organise fitness in the morning.

Image result for fitness

  • He or She can run a sports club at school.

Image result for sports club

  • He or She  can organize all the sports gear.

  • He or She can decide all the events for athletics day.

By seung.

Population Cause and Effect

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Totem pole

Totem pole

Panda. Although I'm lazy like a sloth, I’m big and I’m pretty
strong like a panda. Seung Joon

Biggest storm or cyclone in my life.

Biggest storm or cyclone in my life.

It all started with strong freezing winds and some spits of
 rain. Then the winds howled angrily and rain started to
come in strong and hard.The rain had a torturous plan to
destroy our homes. Soon houses started to turn into a pool
of wood. House collapsed and people running for shelter.
Power lines have been broken down by this evil  storm.
Trees didn’t sway they started to fall onto the ground too.

People may be feeling that they mit have no money to eat
because that's what I feel. Some people maybe feeling
award, nervous and frightened.

By: Harshit and seung.